Price Difference Car Insurance With Equal Coverage Enormous

More and more car insurers are increasing their premiums. The price difference between companies is currently huge. With equal coverage, an expensive insurer charges an average of 2.7 times as much for a price difference with car policies as a cheap company. This is the conclusion of research by independent comparator Ceb Darnes.


Large differences per coverage

Ceb Darnes analyzed more than a hundred unique premium calculations from visitors. This includes coverage, region, age, vehicle brand and number of claim-free years. The largest premium difference was found with full hull coverage for a Toyota Corolla Verso with zero claim-free years in The Hague. The annual premium at Delta Lloyd is 812 euros for this. That is 4.8 times cheaper than with the Noordhollandsche of 1816. Here the insured person pays 3868 euros in premium. A difference of more than 3000 a year.


Competitive premium newcomers

Competitive premium newcomers

“Many Dutch people stay with the same car insurer for years on end. As a result, the companies feel no incentive to lower the rates, “said Erik Holing, director of Ceb Darnes. “Newcomers, who still have to gain market share, offer a competitive premium for their car insurance. This explains the huge price difference. So even though many insurers are currently increasing their car premiums or are planning to do so, consumers can still save a lot on their car insurance.


Loss and still low premiums

insured car

At the beginning of December 2010, De Nederlandsche Bank expressed concern about the low premiums, in particular for the third-party cover. Most car insurers make a substantial loss on this. How can companies continue to charge these low premiums if they are in the red? Holing: “Internet insurers often offer the low rates. Working online means lower overhead costs. In addition, car insurers are applying increasingly strong risk differentiation. In other words, only competitive premiums for specific target groups that carry little risk. For example, the premium can even differ per street. “


Value for money car insurance

car insurance

Motorists with an expensive policy are, on average, not better insured than if they have cheap car insurance. Holing: “There is even a negative relationship between price and quality. As a result, cheap car insurance often has better conditions. ”For the results and regression analysis, consult the study: Expensive car insurance offers fewer conditions than cheap ones.

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