June Promotions With Credit card: Get a New Swimsuit and Go Show it to Italy

They do not have such a tradition here as in the USA, but their popularity is increasingly deserving. You can buy with a credit card even if your account is empty and you can save money. The icing on the cake are permanent and temporary discount events with our partners.

Credit cards work essentially as a loan – with every purchase you simply borrow money up to a set limit. If you repay the payables by the end of the so-called interest-free period, you will not pay a crown for lending money. The length of the interest-free period varies for each credit card. In principle, however, we can say that the longer it is, the better – and it takes up to 51 days for a credit card.


Save with credit card

Every time you pay with a credit card, you earn bonus points:

  • 1% of purchase value wherever they accept MasterCard.
  • 2-20% of purchase value in stores marked with credit logo.
    Once you have earned $ 100, we will send you a $ 5 voucher that you can redeem for any purchase from our partners. They also prepare special events for you every month.


June shopping with discount with credit card

June shopping with discount with Premia card

10% discount on stylish swimwear, beach dresses and parea
Summer is at the door and anyone who does not have a new swimsuit should hurry to buy it. That’s because only the end of June is paying a 10% discount on swimwear, beach dresses and parea from the 2015 collection.

You can show off your new swimsuit at the famous Bibione beach in sunny Italy next month. The Vykupto discount portal has prepared a tempting offer of three-day bus tours to the sea for a great price of CZK 999. You can start in the following terms:

  • 7. – 9. 7.
  • 14. – 16. 7.
  • 24. – 26. 7.
  • 31. 7. – 2. 8.
  • 4. – 6. 8.
  • 7. – 9. 8.

20% off branded watches at Top Time stores
So you won’t miss your trip, the new watch will certainly come in handy. The reason for their purchase is that with the credit card you get a 20% discount on all branded models in dozens of Top Time stores in June .

20% discount on SCANquilt sheets
In 37 stores and e-shop SCANquilt a wide range of bedding awaits you for a special price of 792 CZK. Surely you will find one that will fine tune your bedroom and at night you will dream about your holiday in Italy.

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